Existential Earache

Greener Pastures

It feels like yesterday  
Though it’s much further today 
Since my path took me far away from you
Now our time is gone
And I’m living on my own
But days don’t glisten quite they way they should  

That grass growing greener 
turns a more familiar shade 
With a sky that is painted shades of dew 
And these steps I am waring  
Keep me running round and round 
With nothing to be found 

My Dear I know you tried 
To open my closed eyes 
But I could never see tall trees before new fields 
And though I never heard 
Those life lessons in your words 
You always left me with a kiss or two 

Time keeps on ticking  
but my mind spins from clockwise 
To distant memories always reviewed 
And this watch on my wrist 
wont return your kiss 
Nor these days that keep passing without you 

Now my hearts sings sad refrains
From that old familiar song 
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone 
But that smile on your face 
Tells me I’ve been replaced 
By someone who won’t turn your brown eyes blue 

I hope he never turns your brown eyes blue 

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