Looking (rework)

I look at tall trees 
where I see brown leaves failing 
and wonder am I standing still 

I search for blue sky 
but I find dark clouds gathering 
and wonder should I turn away 

Where did our time go 
when life lived so simple 
We were invincible too 

Where did those days go 
filled with endless smiles 
Their glow always lighting our way 

I walk to old fields 
now concealed in tall weeds overrun 
and wonder should I move on 

I live in a home 
Built  of stone but always creaking  
And wonder will I fade away  

When did our lives change 
from years to minutes 
Our only limit self-imposed 

When did the road turn 
from hope to reflection 
Direction a shadowed view 

I sit in my chair 
Aged with wear still unraveling  
and wonder what will remain 

I hear from this world 
so unfurled and ever changing 
and wonder will I change too 

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