The Bonding

This bond we bear born of sympathy
Bristles in empathy we share too late 
Our best intentions now braided in vagaries 
Tie to our stricken malaise like unpaved pretext 

All of our words 
In all of those years swept away
Lost to ground upon which I prayed
In silence and whispers  

These tears blur every star we once shared 
In selfish wishes declared for our peace 
Those lights wilting dim like slow fading emery 
But rain can’t extinguish memories wreathed in flame  

Dark reigns each day 
Burying stars underground  
Under pretense of a new day crowned 
That twinkles like silver 

But I hope you know I still love you 
And my silence a tactic consent 
A choice made without my desire  
For this life you are living so far away 
But pain dwells inside my lingering each day 

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