Everybody Nobody

Everybody shouts out loud 
but no one says a word  
Shrieking out they thinks it’s found 
but who can know for sure  
You can see their smiles 
when the sweet and low is pure  

Everybody flies so high 
but never touch the ground  
Bells ring chime they think there’s time 
before wings comes unwound  
You can see they love all food  
they buy at the fairground  

Everyone is someone 
Someone is everyone 
No one is anyone 
If not for those days like these 

Everybody’s sure they know 
then see for the first time 
With lightning blows they think it shows 
before they close their eyes 
You can see them take to heart 
old illusions in their sigh 

Everybody plays the game 
but no one knows the rules 
Taking aim they stake their claim 
before they count their jewels 
You can see them score a point 
before they fail in school 

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