I Know I Know (rework)

After dinner protocol, you kiss me on my cheek 
Wrap your arms around me to remind me that you’re free 
A taste of mint is in your kiss but your sweetness is in doubt 
All those broken promises are draining all your clout 

Where you were is where you are or someplace in between 
Living all your fantasies while killing off my dreams 
Our distance is a blessing till your distance is a curse 
You drive me up the incline till I decline in a hearse 

You travel here then over there then back again once more 
Figure eights and roundabouts then straight back to my door 
Unloading all your parcels on my shoulders till they break 
Then turn around and walk away to slip out of my gate 

Yes I know what you said 
but I know what you meant 
Yes I know what you meant 
cause we’ve been here before 

I’m relieved but still can’t breathe while walking through my door 
Stand inside with half closed eyes then fall upon my floor 
Rolling up but fetal down stare off to nowhere land 
Counting all those memories still blowing in the sand 

There’s quiet in these hallways but this silence rings so loud 
You’re not here but there you are now everything’s in doubt 
Pondering my next move as my world spins round and round 
Tossing all your baggage that I’ve carried pound for pound 

Close my eyes to our bright lights still burning around the rim 
Everywhere my solar flares are quickly turning dim 
Gray ashes blur my vision but it’s really plain to see 
All my senses brighten when you fade away from me 

So fade away from me 
Don’t fade away from me 
So fade away from me 
Don’t fade away from me 

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