Poem / Lyric

Yours is a strong radiance upon me 
whose gentle current 
sweeps the breadth of every peak and valley 
ripping off my starry eyed resistance


16004964621_67fa8dc195_hBig Bad Bill
Big Bad Bill
slid down the hill
Rolling on a big fat green
He was an uptown talky
with a big fat cocky
And a little too much caffeine

20958836769_996b01106e_oIf You Were Here
If you were here
What would I say to you
What would your answer be
If you were here


7787915220_1ac66102cf_oMystic Accordion Play
Memories come slipping through
lost turtle doves with fancy shoes
reclining inside winks of light
tangled in motley boxing kites (more)


Played it safe east by south,
Vanilla taste like trench mouth
More a man in a mouse
So featureless (more)


Too much stuff without substance
Too much substance dumbed down
To play in flow of mudslides

19483777076_dde8816d67_oWide Open Nowhere
Thoughts slip through the shifting sand
They falter as they slither passed
A lit canteen of angel dust
Burned bright before this age of rust (more)


17038562799_13bd8bf79f_hThree Steps Back
When I read between the lines there’s only spaces
When I try to feel your mood there’s only faces
When I show you love I only break us
No steps forward three steps back


In the Middle of Two WorldsSmile Away
Monday comes in early with the shriek of an alarm
Cold cocked from a pleasant dream has really lost its charm
The room is cold, the toilets clogged, the waters brown again
You just woke up but back to bed to wait out this days end (more)


24555703313_3146a51945_hAtaxia Resolute
Infiltrating peaceful baiting
calling to old souls
lost to skills of weaker willed
soft bones frayed through new blindfolds (more)


8940861324_f896419c7f_zRebellious Bloom
Stand with your reflection
Against a howling wind
Stare lock kneed in your direction
When you know where you’ve been


16040838714_2b2e6210a3_zTurkish Rose
Lost in moon beams
with her screams
lives a long forgotten gleam
in filtered light
where thoughts still bite


7196310436_248a6cef96_zThe Scattering of Wind
Pixelated scapegoats wrapped in dotted raincoats
rattle bits of whitethroat
spewing fractured hard knocks draped in fragmentary dreams


Noremad IV: Roll It Up (Brand New Day)
Been away for a century digging holes in a penitentiary
Made from a willow tree whose rotted roots tangled around my knees (more)

golden_castle_by_dee_t-d4a6bteNoremad III: Castle
It’s your time, and it’s fine, for I know you’re feeling blind, not ready to move on with your life (more)


16548922069_13ac4428a5_zNoremad II: Purge! (adult language)
Purge! Take the clean wound
Purge! Take the clean wound
Purge! Take the clean wound
Then f* run away (more)


12074774504_5155d653d5_kNoremad I: Recognition
Blatantly, there’s no will left in you to work it out
No courage left to know beyond a doubt
Blatantly, I’ve lost all clout
Now you’ve blocked your life from me (More)


7041790543_5d9b0cf5c0_zTime Between Space
If time stops for no one not even for love
A straight line unbroken from morning to dusk
Then all of the people are cast as bad shill
And all of my sunsets are nothing but frill (more)


In Silence
The rancid exhale of suffocating silence straight jackets breath and smothers screams to strangle every expectant dream.


18576885680_e2949b0429_zThe Great Ariel
Sit right back and hear the tale
of the lovely Ariel
She’s the greatest circus act of all


11846576_143695405967452_4290376443212637142_nSingle Synapse
the firing from a single synapse
triggers a fervent sensation
vibrating through every tendril of my nervous system


21519765478_3927f30ddb_kStumbling Forward
Each day new rounds of fury
Jackboots smell blood roughshod their query
Oh really, are you serious
Stop being so imperious (More)


In The Middle of the AgesCrescent Moon
Crescent moon shines on my shoulders
Reveals my footprints on a lonely shore
Cast away with nights growing colder
The ebbing tide is pulling me once more (more)


7607016858_9d0cccad1b_kIf I Me
If I could stay in my space and not walk outside
then live in my head when I go for a ride
If I could close both my eyes and pretend I’m blind


Image: Titled Art ReflectingFlame Into A Sun
A writer stares into the night
Defies the empty page
A silent symphony plays on
His muse has stepped away (more)


16601362842_68418fbf36_zI Know I Know
After dinner protocol you kiss me on the cheek
Wrap your arms around me to remind me that you’re free
The taste of mint is in your kiss but your sweetness is in doubt
All those broken promises are draining all your clout


image: couple on benchYou and I
You and I
We could last forever
If you and I survive tonight (More)


15660381644_200451283b_zBrand New Shoes
Tied the laces on new shoes
Just can’t walk this same old route
Tried and died for years and years
Everyday the same old fears (More)


11846576_143695405967452_4290376443212637142_nEchoes of Eros
Every night I practice confessing
All the love that needs expressing
Echoes of Eros enroll in empty air


IMG_2208I Am Protected
Desire brims only lust
Belief the driest gust
Love shredded to dust


Stormy Weather FriendStory Weather Friend

What are we doing?
Where are we going from here?
What are we?
My stormy weathered friend ( More)


7768611054_b723a7e5b5_zHere I Go Again
I’m walking in circles while running away
From every direction I’ve shown me the way
I beat a new path back to start in the end
My own humble servant reversing the zen (More)


I can’t say what you say
I don’t know what you know
I won’t feel what you’re feeling tonight (More)


11796211_141272169543109_4347834199752904285_nThe Whip Comes Down
The ring on your finger is wrapped around your neck
Tied to a leash you will always regret
Pulled by your master whenever your coy
Go for a walk now but be a good boy


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All photos and compositions are my own unless specifically noted.