Micropoetry II

A collection of tweets from my twitter timeline. Hashtags included where used. 

Another collection is posted on the Micropoetry page. 

2015 – Collective

A dream is a wish with a vision.

Rest in peace 2015. Feels like we hardly knew you before you past. 2015 -2015.

Promises but cover
Cover but words
Words but walking away
Walking away but standing still
Standing still but looking back
Honor yesterday
live today

Sleep now my darling
Dream joyful tears of new hope
As I
awake to your needs,
Sing you lullabies of love

I felt your gleam beg for my touch
With loving respect I endowed your wish
to break the last twinkle of starry eyed resistance and be mine

While there’s life there is hope
When there’s hope there is love
While there’s love there can be peace
When there is peace there is living

Cant slow down this potion of many poisons fraught with cunning mischief, drown shipwrecks & soaring colors ripe with hope 522

Richards roaringly ravenous rabidity rapturously regaled raw, rough riding, roadside rimming 523

Power to the people begins with the power of the people.

The myriad passions you influence draw upon me shaping a complete devotion to you as if your bleeding soul inks a tattoo on my heart

Pixelated scapegoats
wrapped in dotted raincoats
draped in fragmentary dreams

Sing in sprinkled pretense
with corrugated halfwit
to decaf coffee blended with whole cream.

Existential precepts
roaring through old semen
playing random crises like a whipping bone #streamofconscious

Avalanche of feces
congeal in bloated secrets
swelling to a heated beacon
cured to a demons nose
until it explodes. #streamofconscious

Faster bastards plastic caster quartermaster casts a television broadcaster with the credibility of a weather forecaster. #streamofconscious

In those bottomless moments when you stare into that dark void. Know my eyes are the light that will never let you fall #wispwrit 15

I am an angel without wings, a sail without wind, a fire without spark, an inspiration without passion when absent from you. #faith

The myriad passions you influence draw upon me shaping a complete devotion to you as if your bleeding soul inks a tattoo on my heart #AMSPC #faith

Stand with your reflection
Against the howling wind
And when suffocation  looms
Swell in a rebellious bloom

Your touch steals a turkish rose from every passing smile
Let them admire but be respectful for I protect who is mine #Dsubverse

The cringe of savage withdrawal grinding my entirety like I its abattoir and your love my only rehab.#faith

So flush your cheeks
the purr in your groan
your desire I knew
and I blushed your ass
a reminder
before your desire became my own

She climbed the avalanche of blue mountains
Skipped the cracks of concrete skin
Always smiling while walking on moonbeams #WrittenRiver

Once in a while you live once upon a time. #faith

Every now and then you find a long time ago. #faith

Into the grief of pauper maidens came the face of blasphemous evil brimming with possibility within the hearts of pious innocence.#wordzinmo

Before the known even then familiar
Before our claim shaped this love
A small touch between us
Exposed you as already mine #dsubverse

a small touch between melancholy lovers delighted chained magnets #dsubverse

a small touch between impossible flesh,
though charmingly nonchalant,
held promises of admiration #dsubverse

Within me came awake the primordial instinct of my birthright when once my love called me by name.  #dsubverse

Your touch steals the thief in me #dsubverse

I am you. You are me. We are the prodigy love so desired but rarely achieved. #faith

The crowded room is empty but for you.#faith

If ever it’s you and me against the world, we win. #faith

The me you see is not new or improved; not better or renewed. The me you see was always meant to be; the me always meant for you. #faith