Short w/ Dialogue: Emasculation: The Father Son Story You’ve Never Heard (I Hope)
“You fuck nothing like your father.”
I check my ears for excessive earwax. “What did you say?”
I turn on my side and meet those amazing lips that cause the blood to further concentrate in a very specific area.
“What? I thought maybe sexual technique might be genetic” she says.

Short:Emasculation: The Father Son Story You’ve Never Heard (I Hope)
I start the evening sitting at my favorite bar sucking down beers to numb myself from the recurring verbal abuse from my father. The overly testosterone ridden macho son of a bitch never resisted any moment to question my manhood. His favorite tongue-lashings include the advice to “man up”, go “balls out”, or “go find some strange”. My personal favorite is the ever classic “be good, but if you can’t be good then name the kid after me”. … more

Humor: Women’s Shoes
Women’s shoes are amazing. There are more types and styles of women’s shoes than guys have excuses for not doing something. They’re not really shoes as much as little architectural wonders coming in as many shades, sizes, heights, and configurations as the laws of physics allow… more

Humor: One Sided Conversation with a Star
Star light, star bright You better fucking not be burned out tonight Or I’ll kick your ass Till that fire damn well ignites… more

Dialogue: Fish Market Fantasy
Mark: You missed a great ladies only night last night at “The Fish Market”.
Stratten: If it’s ladies only how did you get in? Maybe there’s a side to you I don’t want to know about. … more

Dialogue: The Loan
Steve: Payback time.
Andrew: Hold on. What? What payback? You’re not going to poison me or hurt me in some way are you? … more

Dialogue: What are you doing today?
Bobbie: So what are you doing today?
Miles: Me. Well, it’s open. Don’t really plan. Seat of the pants. Live for the moment… more

Dialogue: Conversate
Alyssa: We need to conversate about something. Reginald: Can’t do it. Alyssa: Why?  Reginald: Conversate is not a word. … more

Wordplay: Once Upon a Turntable
Once upon a turntable a little man, Jay , walking beside himself pirouetted from his red tape for a tête-à-tête in  Destiny’s orifice … more

Fiction: Here’s the Thing
There were promises made to me yesterday, but the teasing before dinner left me unsatisfied. Honestly, it did not live up to my expectations … more

Fiction: The Dance (An Erotic Tale) 
She’s in a smoky bar. She’s sitting by herself, with a glass of wine, lost in the music playing and her favorite fantasy … more

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